Consulting & Business Development for Digital

Consulting & Business Development Services to help you digitally enable and transform your organisation to address the current fast-paced and demanding environment.

Digital enables organisations to offer engaging, real-time and always in-context customer experiences. Especially during the unprecedented pandemic, digital has become the only available option for a company's operation.

We are here to help you keep your business running and thriving during these troubled times.

The main consulting and business development services address the following aspects:

  • Digitalisation of the traditional Sales, Marketing and Customer Care processes
  • Omni-channel engagement with customers
  • Digital Banking add-ons addressing Saving, Spending, Lending (wallets, location-based services, ML-based elements, etc.)
  • Modernising Commerce to address the contemporary challenges (e.g. social media, competition, pandemic, etc.)
  • Innovative Customer Care using Self-Service Channels: Web, Mobile, Bots, etc.
  • CRM Transformation
  • Actionable Customer Segmentation: Segment of One
  • Marketing Automation over Interactive Channels: Email, Push Notifications, Mobile, etc.
  • Real-time Billing & Provisioning Services
  • Front-End and Back-End Integration to enable unique customer experiences

Implementation Services

Implementation ServicesĀ on globally-leading IT Solutions forming the foundation of the digital enablement:

  • Web & Mobile presense
  • Mobile CRM and Cx
  • Omni-channelĀ Order Management
  • Commerce & Customer Service: Non-stop and across all touch-points
  • ESB for Channel Integration
  • SOA for Systems Integration: Billing, Core, Back-end, Front-End, etc.
  • Cloud to On-premise integration
  • BPM for Journey Orchestration
  • Data Modernisation & Big Data for
    • Customer 360
    • Customer Segmentation: Segment of One
    • Operational Analytics: Customer Service, Marketing, Order Management
    • Next-Best-Action, Next-Best-Offer
    • Data Monetisation on existing data collected for other purposes
  • API Management for Next Generation Services implementation
    • Open API exposed to Implementation Partners
    • Monetising the existing infrastructure